Dental Prevention Check-Ups

The easiest way to treat many dental problems is to prevent them from happening in the first place. That's why prevention is a very big part of our work at Allan Park Dental Practice.

To help our patients take good care of their own teeth we're always happy to give advice and answer questions on any aspect of oral health and dental care.Carrying out daily tasks like brushing and flossing properly are always important, of course, but many patients don't appreciate how some of their other habits (like smoking or what they eat), might be affecting their teeth. We're happy to help, and to explain how even small changes can help keep their mouth and gums healthy.

During check-ups we carry out extensive checks of the mouth and neck for any signs of gum disease, oral cancer or anything else we notice that might cause problems in the longer term.

Routine Treatments

Allan Park Dental Practice carries out all routine dental treatments including fillings (white or metal),crowns and bridges. Our fully qualified hygienists and therapists also play an important role in keeping our patients' teeth clean and healthy.

For most patients, a visit every six months is enough to spot problems early. We recommend routine X-rays of the back teeth every few years.

For patients with dentures, an annual visit is usually sufficient. We're able to provide all types of both full and partial dentures and are happy to discuss what's most appropriate for you.

Crowns and Bridges to Restore Your Smile

Sometimes teeth are so damaged that a filling isn't quite enough to fix the problem. When this happens dentists use what is called a 'crown' to cover the damaged tooth. Crowns are often used after a root canal to restore the structure of the tooth, particularly with molars.

A bridge is a way of replacing a missing tooth by attaching a replacement to the patient's own teeth at either side.

We offer various types of crowns and bridges for both front and back teeth, including metal and porcelain.

Comfortable and Relaxed Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is a procedure used to relieve pain inside a tooth caused by an abscess.

During the treatment, the infected root of the tooth is removed and replaced with a special filling.

It sounds dramatic, but it's often the only way to save a tooth that has become infected. And despite its reputation, a root canal can be 100% painless; Allan Park Dental Practice uses the most effective, long-acting anesthetics to ensure patients are comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire procedure.

Cosmetic Dentists in Stirling - Get a Winning Smile

The first thing many people notice about someone else is their smile.

That's why Allan Park Dental Practice offers their patients a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments, including simple and effective touches like white fillings and cosmetic crowns.

One of our most popular treatments is tooth whitening. We use an 'at home' system of custom-made trays and active whitening gels. As a cosmetic dentist we recommend this system over others you may have heard about as it gives patients maximum control of the colour of their teeth. It also makes the teeth less sensitive and is more affordable than other whitening systems; it also fits most easily into a patient's routine.

For more complex cases a smile makeover may be necessary. This will usually involve a combination of whitening, white fillings and white crowns and veneers if appropriate. This can be done in stages to spread the cost if you like. If you are interested in discussing this then ask your dentist.

For denture patients, we offer a wide range of 'upgraded' cosmetic dentures for a more natural look.

If patients choose or require more complicated procedures such as tooth straightening or implants, we'll happily refer them to one of our several trusted orthodontic or surgical partners.

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